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Money Matters for Kids - Timeless Toys

Money Matters for Kids

Do your kids think that money grows on trees? Or does cash just appear from Mom's purse or Dad's wallet as if by magic? 

In a world where we can purchase the smallest things online, from our mobiles or with a tap of the credit card, children have less access and interaction with tangible money.

Introducing your child to money at an early age has huge benefits for their spending and saving habits as adults. Research shows that kids' money habits are formed by the age of seven!

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Lottie Dolls - Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU! - Timeless Toys

Lottie Dolls - Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU!

Meet Lottie - the relatable, childlike doll that encourages kids to be kids!

Lottie would rather be having fun and going on adventures than wearing high heels and make up. With the body proportions of a 9 year old girl, Lottie is an awesome role model that younger kids can relate to.

The motivation behind the creation of many of the Lottie Dolls is inspired by real children, who believe they can be anything they want to be!  

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