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New Brand Alert - Sassi - Timeless Toys

New Brand Alert - Sassi

New Brand Alert - Sassi

 "Learning has never been so much fun!" This is the philosophy of Sassi, a publishing house for children that is characterised by a fresh and innovative editorial line, specialising in game books. Their publications are divided into two main series: Sassi Junior for children up to 5 years and Sassi Science for children from 6 - 12 years.

Sassi Junior offers a range of Baby and Toddler Books, beautifully illustrated Die Cut Fairy Tale books, Sound Stories, Stacking Blocks and Giant Floor Puzzles. 

Animals on a Bus

Puzzles pieces are thick and chunky and designed for little hands and fingers! Kids will love the whimsical illustrations with lots to talk about. Animals on a Bus puzzle comes in a gorgeous suitcase style box with metal clasp and rope carry handle for fun on the go!


If you are looking for a gift with a difference, Sassi Junior's Sound Stories will have young readers enthralled and wanting to turn the pages and listen to the sounds over and over again! Seen here in the video is In the Savannah.


Pinocchio Die Cut Book

For kids who love classic fairy-tale stories look no further than the selection of Sassi Junior's Die Cut Books. Whimsical illustrations and incredible laser cut pages will add a whole new dimension to story time as seen here with the story of Pinocchio.

Sassi Science features products suited to children 6 years and older with educational content spanning Geography, History to the Sciences.

Kids will find the Human Body Puzzle and book absolutely fascinating!  How does your respiratory system work? What kind of bones make up a skeleton? How does food get digested? How many cells does one body contain? Put together the detailed 200 piece puzzle and read the book to learn all about the cycle of life and the human body!

Sassi Science has a wonderful selection of 3D Models to build and create.  With Build an Airplane 3D kids can discover how airplanes work, examine different kinds of planes and learn the fascinating history of their inventors and how the first aircraft took flight. This gift-set includes a 14 page book all about airplanes and a 3D model to make of the Fokker Dr 1, the celebrated triplane flown by famous aviator the Red Baron.

Why do we love Sassi?

* The quality and content of each product is outstanding.

* Sassi cares about our planet and educating children about it too.

* Products are printed on FSC Certified paper or board using environmentally friendly inks.

* All products (unless they are obviously already a book) include a book!

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